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Knäckebrot and Elche is moving.

So many things have changed in my life. It´s just not only about moose anymore 😉 That´s why I proudly present my new, improved and even more international blog

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Once more with a tear and a smile on my face, I´ll say

med vänliga hälsningar


About arriving.

I have arrived. Really arrived. I´ve already been traveling around in Scandinavia for a week now. And just feel great. I´m arriving, feeling home und don´t feel like leaving again. At least for now 😉

The car ride from the South of Germany to Gothenburg was even longer than expected for we were more standing than really going. Must love the traffic. But actually this gave me the chance to finally spend quite some time with my parents again which I´m really grateful for. So once again things that look annoying at first sight might really be happening for a good reason.

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My new flatmate warmly welcomed me in Gothenburg. What can I say guys: Good thing happen to good people – at least that´s what I´m trying to tell myself 😉 No, for real now: I think was incredibly lucky with her and the flat. My room is tiny, but just right. Lagom, like they would say here in Sweden. Also I love my new furniture – even though it might be I got a little to many for my tiny room. Oh well. IKEA. Where the love goes – it´s not always a free choice.

Here we go again.

After some really nice days of family holidays in Norway (article will follow), I know finally settled in Gothenburg. Well what ever „finally settled“ means in my terms… But at least for now.

I love the new beginnings. Meeting new awesome people and making them a part of my life. And myself a part of theirs. Explore and experience the new city. Live every single day. Not even the confusing registration procedures, various appointments, to be signed contracts und applications can narrow my satisfaction about living here now. But well, to be honest I´ll be more than happy when all the organisational part is over. 😉 If you´re further interested in anything about the registration/application for studies, what to take care of when moving to Sweden or even just how to get a swedish mobile number – please leave me a comment below. Just hit the comment function right under the headline. I will tell you everything I know about it – at the latest when I found out myself 😉

Into the life.

So now it´s just time for me to dive into my new life and enjoy it. Really looking forward to sharing more infos and thought with you soon and also to seeing some of you soon again. Cause this is actually what I treasure most: You can never have enough awesome people in your life.

Vi ses guys!

med vänliga hälsningar

Moi 🙂

Five Days. And some realisations.

That´s my time left in Germany for now. Five more days. Job – quit. Room and furniture – left and sold. Packing status – chaotic. Not to say apocalyptic. Academic degree – check. Savings – let´s change topic here.

This is the time of goodbyes. I hate them. But avoiding them is no option and deriving strength from earlier experiences I try to convince myself it´s not gonna make much of a difference. Good friends will stay. Nevertheless time flys and I won´t even manage to see everybody of those important friends once more. I´ll have to come back sometime.

No borders. No plans.

Just recently some realisations hit me. Really good feeling ones, so I wanted to share them with you. Most important: I love the current status of my life. Being single and not owning a single piece of furniture anymore I feel free like never before. I know this is a very decent position for feeling free and light. Other situations in life will bring more responsibilities with them, but my point here should be valuable for everyone. It´s fulfillable in any situation you might find yourself in right now.

I´m moving to a new but known country, alone – and I don´t bring any plans with me. Of cause I want to decide where my life goes – I´m actually also living more conscious than ever before. And am thereby willing to become the CEO of my life, really finally taking over all responsibility and making smart decisions. But I decided not to limit my options in any way by making any plans right now. I´m so excited about how everything will go on. It feels like this is exactly how it should be right now. Adventures, independance and self-focus. Never have I ever been so close to myself. My dear friends – however young or old you might be – please do yourself a favour and find out about who you really are and love that person, treat him or her like you would treat your very best friends. Cause you´re the only real constant in your life. And stay open. Otherwise you might limit yourself to the options you have forseen for yourself. That´s what I´m trying to make my motto for life right now. And it feels really good so far. It´s the only plan right now. I´m so excited how the story goes on – for me and you and everybody.

Let´s stay in touch – and see/read you soon!

med vänliga hälsningar



The price of independance.

It´s getting serious. It really is. And it totally doesn´t compare to living in another country for a semester. Actually it´s somehow overwhelming when you realize what you are doing. I think I realized it today. Tomorrow I´ll show my room to people. And I´m gonna quit my job. Here we go…

Giving your life away.

Moving somewhere alone means giving a lot away. By now I´m quite used to having to Skype to my closest friends, because everybody keeps moving to other cities and countries. And many of my friends I got to know when I lived in Sweden or travelled somewhere else. So I thought it wouldn´t be much of a difference.

But it is. Moving to Sweden means I´m gonna give away my wonderful little room in one of the most popular areas in Stuttgart. So popluar it´s almost impossible to find a flat there. Gone. And all the beloved furniture with it. I´ll be giving up a home with all the memories that belong to every piece of furniture. My first own bed, first own everything. All gone. I´m giving up my job that I really like plus all collegues that I was joking around with everyday.

And I´m giving up my field of studies – my knowledge comfort zone – to study something I don´t really have a clue about yet. In a town where I don´t know a single person. And finally I am giving away – to a certain extent – my friends and family that now still live close. And my mother tongue in everyday life. And pretzels. And Maultaschen.

It´s basically gonna be me and my backpack that´s left of the old life. Well for two years.

A leap in the dark.

That´s what it is. It´s super tough to find a place to live in Göteborg – at least that´s my experience. After searching for one month now I finally got my first answer! Let´s see how that goes. Waiting time for regular student housing is about 2-5 YEARS. So it looks like I´m gonna pack my bag and move into somebodys home with them – if I´m lucky. A good one would then cost like 400€ for some 8 sq m if I am super lucky and would probably not be closer to the university than 20min by subway. Realistically.

Plus dark, plus cold in winter. And automn… And spring.

And yes. I think it totally is a good idea.

People asked me if I was sure whether I really wanted to do that. In the beginning I was looking at them irritated asking myself how they could even ask me that. I was gonna live my dream. Well, by now I realized which things they took into account…

However, I am really sure it´s totally worth it. Leaving my comfort zone behind me I learned so much about myself in the past. And this time I´m even doing it on purpose. Well aware it won´t always be as easy and cool as people might think.

It´s time to let go. Jump. And see where it could go. I decided that that´s what I want my twenties to be for. I´m gonna cry for every piece I´ll have to sell and every person I won´t be able to see in person whenever I want. Especially cause I´m super bad with goodbyes. But yes, that´s how it should be – at least for me. I´m ready.

I´m glad if you wanna join this journey and follow how I will struggle with and at the same time fight for my independance. And hopefully be successful. Keep reading for more.

med vänliga hälsningar



The Master Plan

Hello dear friends,

I´m back – with good news and a brand-new own English section. I decided to do an all English section this time which is the same articles like in the „Master“ (German) one. So I guess it will be easier now to follow. 🙂

Sometimes things just work out. You dream and hope and in the end you don´t even really believe anymore that I could be possible. Just to realized that in the end it all worked out.

That´s what happend to me and my applications for a Master in Sweden. After a crazy post-Erasmus-time, that cost me insanely much energy, I decided to try to move back to Sweden. Well, here we go – here´s (almost) the whole story:

An identity crisis.

Oh yeah, those students. Not prepared for life, pampered and sheltered. Naive and purposeless and then going for an Erasmus semester. Where they have everything organized for them and party all day. Just to end up in a post-Erasmus-depression afterwards. Sissy youngsters.

That´s more or less what you are told by society. We purposeless and aimless  people in our mid-twenties. lllusionists.

No, I didn´t want to say I went through a post-Erasmus-depression altough for sure I was melancholically going through old picture and reassuring my friends we would sure meet soon again – somewhere somewhen. Just like everybody. To be honest living in another country and going through all those challenges and adventures did way more to me – both easy and nice things as well as things that were quite hard to go through and overcome. But that I will maybe explain in detail sometime later. It hasn´t been the most easy time for me. However, I can say for sure that I´m incredibly thankful for having been forced to deal with myself and all the challenges to come with that.

The crisis. Now for real. Along with the overwhelming feelings I was left with after my Erasmus semster came another feeling that I am already old friends with. Doubt. Did my studies make sense at all? What would I be doing afterwards? Would I find something that I could really be happy with? This time the feeling hit really me hard since my Bachelor was fast coming to an end and time started to run through my fingers. Reality suddenly started to knock on my door and I just couldn´t ignore it anymore.

And now? Work? Study? Find a Trainee programme? On top I wasn´t really happy with my choice of my study field at that time cause I felt like I missed out on something and could have found something more suitable. I really was in need of a good alternative.

Working: yeah. nice. Would mean I could afford more than pasta on a regular basis. And then? Work for the next 50 years? Or longer…? Who knows. The mid-twenty-unicorn-worldpeace-dreamer inside my head starts to rebel. No. Too early. Still too young for this. Need to see and conquer the world. You know what I mean. Who needs more than pasta in life anyways.

So a Master it is. Actually I am a very ambitious person and love to learn new things – so that was kind of a good argument for studies, too. But what and where?

Conquering new old frontiers.

Communications didn´t seem like the end of the story anymore. Don´t get me wrong, I still love to communicate in any way and think it´s one of the most important skills in modern times. However, a career in the intern corporate communication of a mid-sized company had never really been my idea of life ( – no offense).

Now what: Web developement? Law – maybe international? Start a career as an engineer? Or finally go for human medicine? Reality was showing up again, knocking on my door and telling me to shut the f*** up and focus on my real life.

Right she was. So I was going back into myself asking me all those question about what I loved to do and what I´m really interessted in. A never ending inner crisis. Again and again.

Finally I decided to just follow my feelings and apply for a Master in Sweden. I almost missed out on the application deadline since it had taken me so long to make up my mind. But in the end I made it. And after three endless months of waiting and more doubts I was shocked when I got the notice that I really was accepted. And then again when I realized that it would be impossible to find a flat in Gothenburg. And then again when I realized how incredibly happy I was to move back. I´m not gonna be an astronaut. No engineer and no doctor and no Lama-farmer (yes that had made it to the list for quite a while). It looks like I´ll find myself somewhere in the field of international relations of states. Communicative and political.

The mind thinks big and allows itself to dream. Reality is finally nodding proudly and is happy that some decision had been made. And what will happen in future can´t be forseen anyways.

But I guess my nearer future I will spend in the most beautiful and cool city of Sweden: Göteborg. Starting off in summer. Of cause I´ll share all adventures here – so I hope we´ll read us soon 😉

med vänliga hälsningar