Five Days. And some realisations.

That´s my time left in Germany for now. Five more days. Job – quit. Room and furniture – left and sold. Packing status – chaotic. Not to say apocalyptic. Academic degree – check. Savings – let´s change topic here.

This is the time of goodbyes. I hate them. But avoiding them is no option and deriving strength from earlier experiences I try to convince myself it´s not gonna make much of a difference. Good friends will stay. Nevertheless time flys and I won´t even manage to see everybody of those important friends once more. I´ll have to come back sometime.

No borders. No plans.

Just recently some realisations hit me. Really good feeling ones, so I wanted to share them with you. Most important: I love the current status of my life. Being single and not owning a single piece of furniture anymore I feel free like never before. I know this is a very decent position for feeling free and light. Other situations in life will bring more responsibilities with them, but my point here should be valuable for everyone. It´s fulfillable in any situation you might find yourself in right now.

I´m moving to a new but known country, alone – and I don´t bring any plans with me. Of cause I want to decide where my life goes – I´m actually also living more conscious than ever before. And am thereby willing to become the CEO of my life, really finally taking over all responsibility and making smart decisions. But I decided not to limit my options in any way by making any plans right now. I´m so excited about how everything will go on. It feels like this is exactly how it should be right now. Adventures, independance and self-focus. Never have I ever been so close to myself. My dear friends – however young or old you might be – please do yourself a favour and find out about who you really are and love that person, treat him or her like you would treat your very best friends. Cause you´re the only real constant in your life. And stay open. Otherwise you might limit yourself to the options you have forseen for yourself. That´s what I´m trying to make my motto for life right now. And it feels really good so far. It´s the only plan right now. I´m so excited how the story goes on – for me and you and everybody.

Let´s stay in touch – and see/read you soon!

med vänliga hälsningar